IM ON VACATION UNTIL AUGUST 10TH so i wont be online for a while ive set up a queue so yeha hope you all have a great summer or winter idk yeah :) |


Jenny Packham

Hey, now. What ya say, now ‘bout to put it down. Yeah you want to ride with the Rae now - and the future looks great, now. And everything’s gonna change, now let’s rock; here we go!

Bajram Serif Mubarek Olsun 😊

"Dylan O’Brien just hugged a fan who broke down crying. He gave her his name tag."


yea dude I drink a lot. Drink at parties all the time. yea you heard right, 9 capri suns. 9. in 45 minuets.




i want john krasinski to climb inside of me and wear me like a morph suit and then claw his way out from the inside of my body i want to be ribbons of flesh on the ground i love you john krasinski please murder me

oh lord, please save this person

okay according to your url you’d fuck some fictional old lima bean looking snake dude so like…… get the fuck outta here